International Writing Skills

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Learn how to write professional emails

You will know how to write emails and letters using professional level English. Even the choice of greeting can make a profound difference in how the recipient perceives your message.

Make your reports look incredible

Learn how to assimilate graphs and charts into your report for seamless and smooth reading.

Learn how to write the perfect proposal

You will be able to articulate, communicate, and pitch your ideas to your customers using persuasive English writing.

Courses tailored to your needs

We are adapting our lessons to the needs of your company and employees, to make sure that you learn what you truly need. That’s why each package is including a needs analysis interview prior to the lessons.

Skilled and experienced native teachers

Our qualified teachers are carefully selected to offer you the most professional service possible. They are talented, inspiring, and all native speakers.

Easy solutions

We operate around your schedule. If you have a presentation due in a day or even a few hours, your dedicated LinguajoyPro Contact Person will arrange the needed support. The Contact Person’s main goal is to make all your language training related planning, tailoring, scheduling and communications easy and flexible. With distant learning tools, we are even able to reach colleagues abroad, 24/7.

The modules

This package includes five modules of 90 minutes each. Here is what you will learn in each of them:

  • Module 1:
    General basics
  • Module 2:
    Writing emails
  • Module 3:
    Reporting and data
  • Module 4:
    Proposal writing
  • Module 5:

The pricing

Please find here the prices for this package. We can adapt these to fit perfectly with your needs.

  • For 1 person:
  • For a group of 5 persons:
  • For a group of 10 people:

The LinguajoyPro package includes:

  • Pre-assessment of the student’s language level (ref. European CERF)
  • Needs analysis interview
  • Professionally tailored curriculum and lesson plans to the needs of the student
  • All study materials
  • An experienced and encouraging native teacher
  • LinguajoyPro Podcasts, to keep learning on the go
  • Dedicated Linguajoy contact person
  • Insurances

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