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The global operating environment, where customers, colleagues and organizational partners can be found in various parts of the world, requires solid communications skills. You need to understand the foundations of the local language and culture, as well as be able to interact with each partner and team in the most suitable way. With the help of language training, you will quickly learn how to make a positive impact, even with a short international encounter, while delivering your message effortlessly. An investment in the personnel’s language skills is an efficient and fast way to improve the strategic
competitiveness of your organization.

As a Nordic education company, we understand the needs and dynamics of the local market. The Nordic roots are combined with an international team of experienced language professionals, that are native speakers from various countries around the world. This allows us to help our learners understand the cultural differences, manners, traditions and business practices in different countries.

Learning experience

We employ a team of engaging and passionate teachers who make learning dynamic and exciting. The innovative methods we use include multisensory, holistic approaches in which language and culture go hand in hand. The field of neurolinguistics research is our passion and we constantly thrive to adapt our curriculum to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.


We operate around your schedule. If you have a presentation due in a day or even a few hours, your dedicated LinguajoyPro Contact Person will arrange the needed support. The Contact Person’s main goal is to make all your language training related planning, tailoring, scheduling and communications easy and flexible. With distant learning tools, we are even able to reach colleagues abroad, 24/7.