General Language Skills

Our most popular learning pack. An ideal solution for small to medium companies, including 4 to 8 students.

Learn the language of your choice

What language do you want to learn? Choose between English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, Swedish, or Finnish. Want to learn a language that you don’t see, just ask.

Understand the culture of the language

Languages are part of a larger culture and should be learned in the context of the culture. This way, not only will you know the language which you are learning, but also you will be able to operate in the target culture comfortably.

Use the language confidently

Through Linguajoy’s multi-sensory and holistic techniques, you will be able to confidently use the language of your choice.

Courses tailored to your needs

We are adapting our lessons to the needs of your company and employees, to make sure that you learn what you truly need. That’s why each package is including a needs analysis interview prior to the lessons.

Skilled and experienced native teachers

Our qualified teachers are carefully selected to offer you the most professional service possible. They are talented, inspiring, and all native speakers.

Easy solutions

We operate around your schedule. If you have a presentation due in a day or even a few hours, your dedicated LinguajoyPro Contact Person will arrange the needed support. The Contact Person’s main goal is to make all your language training related planning, tailoring, scheduling and communications easy and flexible. With distant learning tools, we are even able to reach colleagues abroad, 24/7.

The modules

The modules (number of them, meeting frequency and duration) will be defined based on your starting level (A1-C2), language learning goals and motivation. How do you intend to use the target language at the end of your training (attend an overseas conference, conduct business deals, grow in confidence around other people?) How much time do you have to study and practise, what is your time frame? Are you in an immersion environment?

The pricing

General Language Skills package pricing depends on your language needs, we are happy to provide you with a proposal!

The LinguajoyPro package includes:

  • Pre-assessment of the student’s language level (ref. European CERF)
  • Needs analysis interview
  • Professionally tailored curriculum and lesson plans to the needs of the student
  • All study materials
  • An experienced and encouraging native teacher
  • LinguajoyPro Podcasts, to keep learning on the go
  • Dedicated Linguajoy contact person
  • Insurances

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